I get tons of questions on how to actually work with and use healing crystals. Woke up today wanting to make a few posts on how to effectively practice crystal healing with Healing Stone Sets from #Lalustreasures.

Lets start with crystals that help mend hearts and encourage.

 ::SELF LOVE:: We all have gotten our hearts broken. When this happens, the flow of love comes to a fast halt, love from ourselves and from or for others. The only way to clear up this block is to forgive and love ourselves. There are crystals available to help us heal our hearts, foster new love, and shift into more productive mindsets. 



Known as the crystal of opportunity.It has been known to help boost self-confidence, courage, and strength. It can assist in the releasing of limiting beliefs and is also known for attracting wealth and abundance.I like to use Aventurine in my meditations, specifically placing it over my solar plexus (three inches above my navel), or over my heart chakra space (over the heart space on the chest). I use this whenever I need a boost in confidence, or when I am feeling stress and overwhelm.


Known as the crystal of love.This is one of my absolute favorite crystals and I consider it a self-care must!When used, Rose Quartz can elicit feelings of self-love and self-acceptance. Personally, I love to use this crystal in my meditation practice after a long day, placed next to me in a healing salt bath, or even leave it resting on my nightstand.To increase your own feelings of self love, simply place this crystal this over the heart chakra space while lying down. 


Known as the crystal of clarity.I use this when I am lacking vision or feeling disconnected from my path. Amethyst can be placed on your third eye space (between the brows), or you can simply hold it in your hand, setting the intention for deeper clarity and vision.Personally, I have several pieces of amethyst in my home office and use it anytime I need a boost or when seeking a deeper connection to my feelings or vision.  

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These crystals help to bring emotional stability and inner strength, encourage self love, positive self image and self worth, build self confidence and bring clarity so that you become more in tune with your feelings and get to know yourself on a deeper level.

Mantra - I trust that the perfect love is already on its way to me and will arrive in the perfect way at the perfect time. I’m ready to receive this love with open arms.

*Set up an altar with your healing crystals & herbs (sage, rose, pine, etc) 

*Use the Sage or i love to use Pine or Cinnamon, to cleanse your space

*Use the Palo Santo to set your intention & speak your mantra 

*Continue with your ritual for as long as it serves you.

Peace and Love Beloveds,