Peace loves! Its Friday, Day of Oshun, Goddess of Love, Success, Sensuality and much more. THIS IS NOT AN OSHUN ALTAR But an example of a SELF LOVE/GODDESS CRYSTAL ALTAR  An altar may seem intimidating, but once you set it up your crystals and energy do the work for you. Spend 5-10 minutes a day at your crystal altar connecting with your intention. Take time to get to know your sacred space, meditate in front of it, write and journal near it, tend to it by doing a cleanse w smudge stick or florida water. 

 A sacred ritual doesn’t have to be a big production; it is simply a ceremony you create and partake in to honor the commitment you are making to yourself.  

Here are 4 Steps to Start your Healing Journey!    

  1. Choose a space in your home that can be just yours. This can be a nightstand, a bookshelf, a table, the top of a dresser, or even a hat box that you put a scarf over. Something flat that will allow you to put just a few sacred objects on it—objects that no one else has to know are sacred if you don’t want them to. Your bedroom or closet is a great place for an altar, because it tends to be a more private, or a special room that is mostly for you, but anywhere in your home will do just perfect. Don’t be shy about claiming space in your home, no matter who else lives with you.
  2. Choose three items to place on your altar that feel sacred, remind you of your fullest self, or just feel beautiful. Ideas include photos of you, a crystal (CHECK OUT MY PREVIOUS BLOG FOR SELF LOVE CRYSTALS YOU CAN PLACE ON YOUR ALTAR) or a stone or something from nature, a candle, special jewelry, a flower, a stuffed animal, a bowl (i use a sea shell)  filled with rose petals or something meaningful, inspiring words, a special card or picture that opens your heart, a written mantra you want to remember, spiritual items with special meaning to you. With a meaningful or beautiful scarf or cloth as the base, this place is fast becoming your sacred altar.
  3. Consecrate your altar by committing to your Inner Wisdom–led life. You’ll want some natural element for this—like fire (a candle or incense) or water (a glass of tap or sparkling) or wind (a feather) or earth (just a handful of sand or dirt, or a stone). Don’t get fancy— just grab what you have. Stand in front of this beautiful simple altar you have created, ignite whatever element you’ve chosen (i.e., light the candle, sprinkle some water or earth on the altar), and say the words on the previous page out loud. For extra superpower, make sure to say, “I choose to live an Inner Goddess–led life” three times slowly, pausing and breathing in between each one so you can really feel the words and the energy of self-love and commitment behind them. The repetition, pausing, and breathing helps you lock into your promises to keep your commitment to living an Inner Goddess-Led life.
  4. Keep your sacred morning dates with your Goddess/Self Love Altar everyday, no matter what. Use this altar as a reminder to keep the promise of sacred dates with your Inner Wisdom every morning. And when you travel, pack one piece of the altar to bring with you and set it up wherever you are. 


 With society often placing focus on outer beauty, I want you to take time to reflect, journal and process these questions and work on own who you are. 

  • Whats your biggest obstacle that gets in the way of you loving yourself?
  • What am I holding onto?
  • Can I forgive myself? What's making it so hard?
  • What fulfills me?
  • What would I like to get rid of?
  • What are my interests?
  • How do I show myself love? 
  • What am I grateful for? 
  • What do I value about myself?
  • What emotions am I holding back?
  • What do I want out of life?
  • What makes me feel beautiful?

As always, keep your altar clean, dust free and maintained to honor your intentions. Remember, even when you're not using your altar, it still holds energy. 

I hope this helps! any questions, please dont heistiate to reach out,